On Friday, November 4, 2022, the Disciplinary Commission of the Alabama State Bar ordered the public reprimand of Montgomery attorney Kynesha L. Adams-Jones over insufficient funds notice on the latter’s trust account.

The charges cited Adams-Jones’ violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct 1.15 (Safekeeping) and 8.4(g) (Misconduct).

The Alabama Rules of Professional Conduct can be found online.

The filing states:

‘On or about May 25, 2021, the Office of General Counsel received an insufficient funds notice from Wells Fargo Bank regarding Adams-Jones’ trust account. The notice indicated the trust account was overdrawn as a result of a $300 online transfer of funds. This was the third overdraft notification received in the Office of General Counsel concerning Adam-Jones’ trust account since 2018.’

The filing continues:

‘Upon submission of the unredacted trust account statements, Adams-Jones admitted that she had been improperly depositing earned fees and personal funds into her trust account. Adams-Jones admitted to making numerous personal payments directly from her trust account. Adams-Jones also admitted to failing to maintain a general ledger as required by Rule 1.15(e) (Safekeeping).’

Accordingly, the Disciplinary Commission ordered the public reprimand with publication of Adams-Jones in relation to her violations of the above-cited rules of professional conduct.

Ms. Kynesha L. Adams-Jones is listed as a practicing attorney of the law firm, Imani Global Law, LLC serving Montgomery, Alabama.  She has been licensed in Alabama. Her info can be found on LinkedIn.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.