On Friday, August 25, 2023, Rachel Lynn Coor, an attorney licensed to practice law in Arizona, was reprimanded by the Presiding Disciplinary Judge and ordered to pay costs and expenses related to disciplinary proceedings brought against her by the State Bar of Arizona.

The case is entitled “In the Matter of Rachel Lynn Coor,” with case no. 2023-9060.

The charges cited Arizona Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 42, and 8.4(d).

According to documents filed in the matter, Coor represented a client in a case in Maricopa County Superior Court known as McCoy v. Kapa Kai Commercial. In November 2022, the court granted Coor’s motion for sanctions against the opposing parties and ordered that her client could pursue a default judgment. However, Coor failed to take any action to file the necessary paperwork to obtain a default judgment.

In January 2023, the court placed the case on the dismissal calendar due to Coor’s inaction. Around this time, Coor was administratively suspended from practicing law but was later reinstated in March. Still, she did not file anything in the case. In June 2023, the court dismissed the case without prejudice due to Coor’s continued failure to prosecute the matter.

After the dismissal, Coor filed an affidavit in support of a default application, but it did not mention any events after November 2022. She also filed a motion to reinstate the case, claiming incorrectly that she had filed a motion for default in May 2023. At the time of these filings, Coor was administratively suspended again.

The State Bar alleged, and Coor conditionally admitted, that her actions violated various rules of professional conduct regarding competence, diligence, expediting litigation, and the unauthorized practice of law. As a sanction, Coor agreed to a reprimand. She also agreed to pay $1,200 in costs and expenses to the State Bar.

In mitigation, Coor noted she had relocated to Maine and experienced financial hardship. However, she had a prior disciplinary offense of an admonishment in an unrelated matter. Taking this into account along with American Bar Association standards for lawyer sanctions, the Presiding Disciplinary Judge accepted the agreement and issued orders reprimanding Coor and imposing costs.

According to avvo.com, Ms. Coor practices as an entertainment attorney in Phoenix, Arizona, and is duly licensed in the state.

An original copy of the filing can be found here.