On Friday, September 22, 2023, the Presiding Disciplinary Judge of the Arizona Supreme Court suspended attorney Robert C. Brown for six months and one day for professional misconduct.

The case is entitled “In the Matter of Robert C. Brown” with case no. 2023-9054.

The charges cited Arizona Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 42, ER 1.3, 1.4, 1.16(d), 3.1, 3.4(c), and 8.4(d).

The charges against Mr. Brown stemmed from his representation in a civil lawsuit in Maricopa County Superior Court. According to findings of fact made in the disciplinary case, Mr. Brown failed to properly substitute a deceased defendant’s estate into the lawsuit after being notified of the defendant’s death in March 2021. This ultimately led to the claims against that defendant being dismissed in October 2022.

The court found that Mr. Brown violated ethical rules related to competence, communication, candor to the court, and conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice. After Mr. Brown defaulted in the disciplinary proceeding by failing to file a response, a hearing panel held an aggravation/mitigation hearing on August 24, 2023. The panel recommended a six-month suspension.

The Presiding Disciplinary Judge issued a final judgment adopting the recommended six-month suspension. Mr. Brown must also pay $2,000 in costs to the State Bar of Arizona. The suspension will run from September 27, 2023, through March 27, 2024. Mr. Brown must comply with applicable rules governing notification of clients and withdrawal from client matters.

According to avvo.com, Mr. Brown is a litigation attorney in Phoenix, Arizona. He acquired his law license in Arizona in 1998.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.