On Tuesday, February 21, 2023, the Presiding Disciplinary Judge of the Supreme Court of Arizona ruled on the disciplinary charges against Phoenix attorney Mark D. Dubiel. The case is styled “In the Matter of Mark D. Dubiel,” and was brought by the State Bar of Arizona under case #PDJ 2023-9011.

According to the court filing, on February 15, 2023, Dubiel was held in contempt after a show cause hearing. The contempt order provided that Dubiel could purge the contempt by providing substantive responses to eight pending bar charges by February 17, 2023, as he agreed to do during the OSC hearing. The order further provided that Dubiel’s failure to comply would result in the court entering an order summarily suspending Dubiel from the practice of law.

However, Dubiel failed to provide to the State Bar his responses to the eight pending charges.

In view of the foregoing, the Court ruled against Dubiel and deemed it appropriate to summarily suspend Dubiel until such time he fully complies with the order.

Prior to the suspension, Mr. Mark D. Dubiel practiced in Phoenix, Arizona. According to his LinkedIn profile, Dubiel is the president of the Law Offices of Mark D Dubiel, PLC. He graduated from the James E. Rogers College of Law in 1995. He has been licensed in Arizona, license no. 017209.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.