On Tuesday, March 21, 2023, the Supreme Court of Georgia disbarred attorney Willie George Davis, Jr. for his incompetent handling of the estate of his sister and nephew.

The case is entitled “In the Matter of Willie George Davis, Jr.,” with case no. s23Y0445.

The charges cited Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct 1.7 (a) and (b), 1.15 (I) (a) and (c), 1.15 (II) (a) and (b), 3.4 (a), 3.5 (d),8.1 (b), and 8.4 (a) (5). 

The opinion of the court came from a report and recommendation of the State Disciplinary Review Board which recommends that the respondent be disbarred from mishandling his sister’s estate and his nephew’s conservatorships as well as his repeated failure to comply with orders of the Cobb County Probate Court.

The Opinion states:

“Davis filed a petition to admit the will to probate, and the probate court appointed him to serve without bond as executor, conservator, and guardian per the terms of the will. The nephew was named a beneficiary of his mother’s life insurance policy, the proceeds of which were $157,277.48. Davis admitted that he received the funds and placed them in his IOLTA account instead of a conservator account. Moreover, although the Special Master found that Davis did eventually establish a con servitor account and ‘ transferred the funds to that account, ’ Davis failed to maintain, and could not produce, records of the funds held in the IOLTA account. He also received the nephew’s Social Security benefit checks in trust as the nephew’s custodian and conservator, but he did not keep records of those funds, either.”

The Opinion continues:

“In June 2017, the probate court issued another order directing Davis to file the accountings, and the court set the matter for another hearing. But Davis did not file the accountings or appear in court, and the probate court issued another order for Davis to appear, to present the accountings, and to show cause why he should not be held in contempt.”

The Opinion further states:

“Following a hearing, the probate court entered a criminal contempt finding, sentencing Davis to 20 days in jail with credit for time served, and to pay a fine of $500; the probate court also entered a civil contempt finding, sentencing Davis to remain incarcerated and pay a fine of $100 per day until such time as he purged his contempt by tiling accountings of the estate and conservatorship.”

The special master found that the respondent violated his duties due to the failure to preserve his nephew’s property and failure to obtain informed consent regarding the conflict of interest in drafting a will that allowed him to serve as executor and conservator without bond. Moreover, the respondent did not admit to stealing the money and it was not established that he used the same to pay the nephew’s expenses. The special master concluded that the act of the respondent was negligent for intentionally grossly disregarding his executor and conservator duties.

In reviewing the special master’s findings and the hearing board’s agreement, the Supreme Court of Georgia decided to disbar the respondent.

The Dispositive Portion states:

“Accordingly, it is hereby ordered that the name of Willie George Davis, Jr. be removed from the rolls of persons authorized to practice law in the State of Georgia. Davis is reminded of his duties pursuant to Bar Rule 4-219 b).”

Mr. Davis practices in Atlanta, Georgia. He is licensed in Georgia. His info can be found on lawyer.com.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.