On Sunday, February 18, 2024, Urbanislandz reported that Nicole Fegan, one of the defense lawyers in the Young Slime Life (YSL) racketeering trial, was arrested on multiple gang-related charges in Atlanta.

According to information from the Atlanta Police Department and reports from WSBTV reporter Michae Seiden, Fegan had allegedly become aware of an outstanding warrant for a suspect in an unrelated shooting incident from September 2022. Fegan reportedly contacted the suspect and warned him about the active warrant. She also advised the suspect to get rid of his phone, likely because police could use it to track his location or obtain evidence connecting him to the shooting.

Fegan was charged with criminal solicitation, unlawful gang activity, and encouraging evidence tampering. The 34-year-old lawyer was booked in Fulton County jail. Her bond was set at $40,000. Fegan’s attorneys intended to take her case to a judge hoping to secure her release.

The suspect warned by Fegan was reportedly being sought in connection to a shooting in 2022 that left two males injured, one fatally. Police stated Fegan’s actions obstructed their investigation into the double shooting. Fegan did not represent the suspect and it is unclear how she learned of the warrant.

Fegan had previously served as a lawyer for a defendant in Young Thug’s YSL racketeering trial but was removed from the case last year when she took maternity leave. In light of her arrest, old social media posts and videos of Fegan providing advice about dating gang members drew renewed attention online. She earned the nickname “Ms. YSL” for her past work on YSL cases. Fegan’s actions and arrest came as a surprise to many given her position as a defense attorney. It remains to be seen how her alleged crimes may impact other pending legal cases.



Source: Urbanislandz