On Wednesday, September 27, 2023, a complaint was filed by the Administrator of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (ARDC) against Attorney Alvin Philli Portis.

The case is titled ‘In the Matter of Alvin Philli Prtis’ with case no. 2023PR00063.

The cited charges are violations of Rule 1.3, 3.1(a)(1), 3.2 , 4.1, 8.4(c),  and 8.1(b) of the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct.

The Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct can be viewed here.

The complaint consists of multiple counts, with Count I focusing on Portis’ lack of diligence, failure to expedite litigation, and false statements, and Count II focusing on Mr. Portis’ failure to respond to the ARDC’s requests for information.

The disciplinary matter stems from Attorney Portis’ assignment as an Assistant State’s Attorney. As an ASA Attorney Portis represented Cook County and various county agencies in defense against allegations in state court litigation matters.  Mr. Portis was responsible for defending actions and proceedings brought against the county or any county or state officer in their official capacity.

In August 2015, a claim was filed against Cook County by Dr. Mark Krause.  Attorney Portis was assigned to represent Cook County in the case. In his capacity as ASA, Attorney Portis filed a series of motions to dismiss the complaint, but they were granted without prejudice, allowing the plaintiff to file amended complaints. The plaintiff filed a third amended complaint, and the court ordered Cook County to answer the complaint and respond to written discovery. However, Attorney Portis failed to file an answer or respond to the plaintiff’s written discovery requests by the specified deadlines. The court issued multiple orders directing Mr. Portis to comply with written discovery and scheduled case management hearings, which Attorney Portis failed to attend. He exhibited delays in responding to the plaintiff’s complaints and failed to file Cook County’s answer on time.

Attorney Portis was served a total of  62 Requests to Admit or Object under Illinois Supreme Court Rule 216 but nothing came out of it.

The complaint suggests that Attorney Portis failed to respond to the plaintiff’s requests within the specified timeframe, and he repeatedly sought extensions to respond. Allegedly, Mr. Portis has been given multiple opportunities to comply with court orders and fulfill his responsibilities as an attorney but has consistently exhibited a lack of diligence, delayed litigation proceedings, and made false statements. It further concludes that Attorney Portis’s failure to diligently handle the case, meet deadlines, and comply with court orders and rules warrants disciplinary action under Supreme Court Rule 770.

The charge reads:

“WHEREFORE, the Administrator requests that this matter be assigned to a panel of the hearing Board, that a hearing be held, and that the panel makes findings of fact, conclusions of fact and law, and a recommendation for such discipline as is warranted.”

Attorney Alvin Philli Portis obtained his law degree from Loyola University Chicago School of Law, graduating in 2010. At the time of writing, he is a government attorney serving the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office. More info about Attorney Porti’s bio can be found on LinkedIn.com.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.