The Supreme Court of Florida issued a public reprimand for attorney Brittany D. O’Diam on December 14, 2023, relating to her conduct while representing an estate in Greene County, Ohio.

The case is entitled “The Florida Bar v. Brittany D. O’Diam,” with case no. SC2023-1300.

According to the Report of Referee Accepting Consent Judgment filed on December 5, 2023, O’Diam represented the executor of the Estate of Carolee Buccalo beginning in 2018. Issues arose during the administration of the estate, including delays in closing out the estate and revising legal documents. At a June 6, 2019, status conference called by the presiding probate judge, Thomas O’Diam, who is Brittany O’Diam’s father, O’Diam and the attorney questioned one of the beneficiaries, David Buccalo, in an aggressive and demeaning manner for over an hour.

Nearly a year after the estate closed in December 2019, O’Diam sent a letter on February 11, 2020, to the guardians of another beneficiary, James Buccalo, accusing David Buccalo of financial misconduct regarding the inheritance. This triggered a criminal investigation against David Buccalo, although the case was eventually closed. The referee found that O’Diam’s letter contained misleading statements and aimed to trigger consequences for David Buccalo.

Based on these incidents, the referee recommended finding O’Diam guilty of violating professional conduct rules relating to improper means to embarrass or burden a third party and conduct reflecting poorly on fitness to practice law. The referee considered case law and standards for imposing lawyer sanctions in making the recommendation.

On December 14, 2023, the Supreme Court of Florida approved the uncontested referee’s report and issued a public reprimand for O’Diam’s misconduct. The court also directed O’Diam to attend professionalism and ethics workshops conducted by the Florida Bar. O’Diam must pay $1,250 in costs.

According to, Ms. O’Diam attended the University of Akron School of Law, graduating in 2010.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.