On Friday, July 21, 2023, the District of Columbia Court of Appeals reinstated attorney Carolyn M. Crowley.

The case is titled “In the Matter of Carolyn M. Crowley,” with case number 2023-D078.

According to Opinion No. 19-BG-368  dated July 25, 2019, the District of Columbia Court of Appeals ordered the suspension of Attorney Carolyn M. Crowley for a period of 91 days as a functional-equivalent reciprocal discipline considering Attorney Cowley’s earlier 91-day suspension in the State of Florida. In conjunction with the suspension was the condition for the reinstatement to the Bar to be contingent on a showing of fitness.

After having served the suspension, Attorney Crowley filed a petition for reinstatement. Acting on the petition, the Disciplinary Counsel informed the Court that the petitioner is now fit to resume her legal practice, therefore entitling her to file the petition.

Accordingly, the Court granted the petition, reinstating Attorney Carolyn M. Crowley to the Bar of the District of Columbia.

The order of the Court reads:

“ORDERED that petitioner’s petition for reinstatement is granted.

It is FURTHER ORDERED that Carolyn M. Crowley is hereby reinstated to the Bar of the District of Columbia.”

Attorney Carolyn M. Crowley earned her law degree from the American University Washington College of Law and was admitted to the Bar on December 19, 1997. Please click here for more info about Attorney Crowley.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.