On Wednesday, October 18, 2023, the Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board accepted attorney Charles Gregory Phillips’ consent to revoke his license to practice law in the state and ordered its revocation.

The case is entitled “In the Matter of Charles Gregory Phillips,” with case no. 23-000-129036.

The charges cited Virginia Rules of Professional Conduct 1.15(a)(3), 1.15(b)(3)(b)(5), 1.15(c), and 1.15(d)(2-4).

In an affidavit signed on October 16, Phillips declared his consent to revocation of his license to practice law in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The suspension stems from two matters being investigated by the Virginia State Bar (VSB). In May 2023, Phillips entered into an Agreed Disposition with the VSB imposing a one-year suspension for VSB Docket No. 23-080-127641 and a concurrent five-year suspension for VSB Docket No. 23-000-128929.

The Agreed Disposition required Phillips to provide the VSB with a list of current clients and notices of his suspension to all clients, opposing counsel, and judges by certain deadlines last month. However, as of June 26, the VSB received complaints from two of Phillips’ clients indicating they had not received notice of the suspension and had been unable to contact him.

Assistant Bar Counsel Richard W. Johnson sent Phillips a Notice of Show Cause Hearing, scheduling a hearing for October 27 to determine if Phillips complied with the terms of his suspension. At that hearing, Phillips would have to show clear and convincing evidence why his license should not be revoked for failure to comply.

Instead of proceeding with the show cause hearing, Phillips signed an Affidavit Declaring Consent to Revocation on October 16. In the affidavit, Phillips acknowledged the allegations being investigated by the VSB and admitted the material facts were true. He consented to the revocation of his license rather than defending the allegations at a hearing.

Based on these foregoing events the Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board issued an order revoking the license of Phillips to practice in Virginia. The Board also ordered Phillips to comply with certain requirements, including giving notice by certified mail of the revocation of his license to all clients for whom he was currently handling matters, to all opposing attorneys and presiding judges in pending litigation, and to make appropriate arrangements for the disposition of matters then in his care. Phillips was also required to furnish proof to the Clerk of the Disciplinary System of the Virginia State Bar within 60 days of the effective date of the revocation that such notices had been timely given and arrangements had been made for the disposition of matters

The Disposition states:

“Upon consideration whereof, it is therefore ordered that Charles Gregory Phillips’ license to practice law in the courts of this Commonwealth and the same hereby is revoked and that the name of Charles Gregory Phillips stricken from the Roll of Attorneys of this Commonwealth.”

According to avvo.com, Mr. Phillips practiced in Salem, Virginia prior to the revocation of his license. He acquired his law license in Virginia in 1991.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.