On Tuesday, January 30, 2024, the Supreme Court of Missouri issued an order disbarring former Illinois attorney Charles Robert Scanlon from practicing law in Missouri.

The case is entitled “In the Matter of Charles Robert Scanlon,” with case number SC100356.

The charges cited Missouri Rules of Professional Conduct 4-1.15(a) and 4-8.4(c).

The order stemmed from Scanlon having his name stricken from the roll of attorneys licensed to practice law in Illinois by the Supreme Court of Illinois on September 21, 2023. According to information filed with the Supreme Court of Illinois, Scanlon had been charged with converting over $88,000 in settlement funds from a former client and the State of Illinois.

Scanlon had represented a client who was seriously injured in a 2013 fall and helped negotiate a $150,000 settlement in 2019. However, after receiving the settlement checks made out to both Scanlon and the client, Scanlon allegedly failed to pay the client or the State of Illinois, which had a lien on the funds.

In response to disciplinary charges filed against him, Scanlon filed a motion with the Supreme Court of Illinois to strike his name from the attorney roll. The court granted Scanlon’s motion on September 21, 2023.

The Missouri Supreme Court’s order stated that Scanlon’s conduct leading to his disbarment in Illinois also violated Missouri’s professional conduct rules regarding safekeeping client property and engaging in dishonest conduct.

As a result of Scanlon’s reciprocal discipline, the Missouri Supreme Court ordered that Scanlon’s license to practice law in Missouri be canceled, and his name removed from the state’s attorney roll. He was also ordered to pay over $2,000 in costs to the Missouri Advisory Committee Fund.

The Disposition states:

“Now, therefore, it is ordered by this Court that the motion for reciprocal discipline is sustained and Respondent is hereby disbarred, that his right and license to practice law in the State of Missouri is canceled and that his name is stricken from the roll of attorneys in this state.”

According to avvo.com, Mr. Scanlon was a worker’s compensation attorney in O’Fallon, Illinois. He acquired his law license in Missouri in 1988.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.