On Tuesday, January 31, 2023, the State of Maine Supreme Judicial Court issued an Order for interim suspension of attorney Edward G. Dardis, Esq.

The case is entitled “Board of Overseers of the Bar v. Edward G. Dardis, Esq,” with case no. 22-25.

The charges cited Maine Rules of Professional Conduct 1.15(a)(b), 5.3, 8.1(b) and 8.4(a)(b)(c)(d).

The Board concluded that attorney Dardis’s misconduct serves as an imminent threat to clients, the public, and the Administration of Justice. This is supported by the ample evidence submitted by the Board that supports the existence of the violation and the fact that Mr. Dardis had committed these misconducts.

The Court Orders that Mr. Dardis vacate his law office immediately. He is ceased to practice his profession along with all the operations of any of his websites. The Court also mandated the Respondent and pall his staff shall immediately surrender the possession and control of all physical and digital client files, keys, office, the trust bank account of clients, devices, and equipment. In relation to these orders, an Order for Appointment of Receiver was issued appointing Mr. David Leavesque. Esq. as the Receiver of the suspended respondent. The former is permitted to take over the Dardis Law Office and secure professional files, client funds, and the property of that office and the law office itself.

As of Today, Mr. Daris is listed as a practicing attorney in Howard & Bowie, P.A. His info can be found on martindale.com. He attended the University of Ottawa, graduating in 1977. He practices in Damariscotta, Maine. He is licensed in Maine.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.