On Tuesday, March 5, 2024, the Supreme Court of Louisiana issued a ruling that permanently disbars attorney George Allen Roth Walsh from practicing law in the state.

The case is entitled “In the Matter of George Allen Roth Walsh,” with case no. 2024-B-00026.

Walsh has had ongoing legal issues that have resulted in previous disciplinary actions against him. In 2018, he received a six-month suspension with all but 30 days deferred for one year of probation after acknowledging practicing law while ineligible to do so.

In 2021, Walsh’s misconduct escalated. He practiced law without authorization during a period of suspension, failed to notify a client of his suspended status, and fraudulently filed documents using his father’s name and bar number in an attempt to conceal his unauthorized practice. This led to his disbarment.

However, Walsh’s legal issues did not end there. Later in 2021, additional charges were filed against him stemming from a DWI guilty plea and subsequently failing to cooperate with the disciplinary investigation. Taking into account the timeframe of this latest misconduct overlapped with the actions that caused his initial discipline. As a result, he was found guilty of further rule violations warranting disbarment.

In the most recent case, the Office of Disciplinary Counsel filed charges against Walsh in May 2023 regarding a phone call he made in May 2022 where he purported to be an attorney representing a client. Walsh spoke with an employee of the coroner’s office on behalf of a woman trying to obtain documents related to her daughter’s death. However, Walsh had already been disbarred at that time.

Walsh did not respond to the formal charges, and they were deemed admitted. A hearing committee concluded he violated numerous Rules of Professional Conduct. They recommended permanent disbarment, finding no mitigating factors but many aggravating ones, such as a prior disciplinary record, dishonest motive, and substantial legal experience.

In its ruling, the Supreme Court of Louisiana agreed with the committee’s analysis and imposed permanent disbarment. The court found that Walsh’s repeated unauthorized practice of law demonstrated a lack of ethical and moral fitness and no reasonable expectation of rehabilitation. Walsh is now permanently prohibited from seeking readmission and was also ordered to refund $500 to the client.

The Disposition states:

“Upon review of the findings and recommendations of the hearing committee, and considering the record, it is ordered that George Allen Roth Walsh, Louisiana Bar Roll number 29696, be and he hereby is permanently disbarred. Pursuant to Supreme Court Rule XIX, 24(A), the respondent shall be permanently prohibited from being readmitted to the practice of law in this state.”

According to avvo.com, Mr. Walsh was an attorney in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He acquired his law license in Louisiana in 2005. 

A copy of the original filing can be found here.