On Friday, January 5, 2024, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court disbarred Attorney James Andrew Keating.

The case is entitled “Office of the Disciplinary Counsel v. James Andrew Keating,” with case no. 178 DB 2023.

In an order, the Supreme Court accepted Keating’s Verified Statement of Resignation and disbarred him on consent. According to the Pennsylvania Rule of Disciplinary Enforcement 215, “an attorney who is the subject of an investigation into allegations of misconduct by the attorney may submit a resignation, but only by delivering to Disciplinary Counsel or the Board a verified statement stating that the attorney desires to resign and that the resignation is freely and voluntarily rendered.”

The order notes that Keating must also comply with rules requiring him to notify clients, courts, and others of his disbarment and pay costs to the Disciplinary Board.

The order provides no details about the issues that prompted Keating to resign, but he will no longer be allowed to practice law or represent clients in the state of Pennsylvania going forward.

According to avvo.com, Mr. Keating was a defective and dangerous products attorney in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania before his disbarment. He attended the Widener University School of Law, graduating in 2002. He acquired his law license in Pennsylvania in the same year.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.