On Tuesday, February 6, 2024, the Supreme Court of Louisiana publicly reprimanded attorney James Arthur Graham, Jr. for making false statements about his licensure status in Tennessee.

The case is entitled “In the Matter of James Arthur Graham, Jr.,” with case no. 2023-B-01551.

The disciplinary case originated from actions taken against Graham by the Board of Professional Responsibility of the Supreme Court of Tennessee on October 5, 2023. According to records, Graham had purchased a law firm in Tennessee and filed an application for admission by comity on an unspecified date, which temporarily authorized him to practice law pending full admission. However, Graham later withdrew his application.

After his authorization to practice pending admission was revoked, Graham stated on his law firm website for approximately 60 days that he was still licensed to practice in Tennessee. This was a false statement, as his pending admission status had been terminated when he withdrew his application months prior. The Louisiana High Court acknowledged this misrepresentation had the potential to harm the public.

As a result of the ethical violation, the Tennessee disciplinary board issued a public censure against Graham on October 5, 2023. Pursuant to reciprocal discipline rules, the Office of Disciplinary Counsel in Louisiana then filed a motion on November 28, 2023, to impose equivalent discipline on Graham based on the Tennessee order.

Graham was given 30 days from the November 28, 2023 notice to challenge reciprocal discipline but did not provide a response. In the absence of objections, the Supreme Court of Louisiana determined on February 6, 2024, that the false statement made by Graham regarding his licensure would also warrant discipline if committed in Louisiana. Because public censure is not an available sanction locally, the closest equivalent of a public reprimand was imposed.

The Disposition states:

“Considering the Petition to Initiate Reciprocal Discipline Proceedings filed by the Office of Disciplinary Counsel and the record filed herein, it is ordered that respondent, James Arthur Graham, Jr., Louisiana Bar Roll number 34835, be publicly reprimanded.”

According to avvo.com, Mr. Graham Jr. is a family attorney in New Orleans, Louisiana. He attended the Loyola University, New Orleans College of Law, graduating in 2009. He acquired his law license in Louisiana in 2012.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.