The Supreme Court of Florida issued a public reprimand to Attorney John James Rogers on December 14, 2023, regarding allegations of misconduct. The reprimand stems from Mr. Rogers’ representation of a defendant in an appeal regarding the denial of a motion to suppress in late 2022.

The case is entitled “The Florida Bar v. John James Rogers,” with case no. SC2023-1682.

In a Conditional Guilty Plea filed with the Supreme Court on November 2, 2023, Mr. Rogers admitted that he failed to respond to several appellate court orders and failed to appear at a show cause hearing in the case due to health issues. He explained that poor health and personal problems caused delays in his work. Mr. Rogers took responsibility for his actions and assured the court it would not happen again.

The Plea alleges Mr. Rogers violated rules regarding competence, and diligence and engaged in minor misconduct. As mitigating factors, Mr. Rogers noted over 25 years without prior discipline, absence of dishonest motive, personal health problems, full cooperation and disclosure to the Bar, inexperience in appellate work, good character, and remorse.

The Plea proposed Mr. Rogers receive a public reprimand, complete The Florida Bar’s Professionalism Workshop, and pay $1,250 in costs. On December 14, the Supreme Court approved the Plea and issued the consent judgment disciplining Mr. Rogers as outlined. The court entered a judgment against Mr. Rogers for costs. As part of the resolution, Mr. Rogers must attend the Professionalism Workshop within six months and comply with all terms of the consent judgment. The public reprimand concludes the disciplinary matter issued by The Florida Bar against Mr. Rogers for his conduct in the appeal. The resolution provides Mr. Rogers will receive discipline but avoids a more severe sanction through his acceptance of responsibility.

According to, Mr. Rogers attended the Stetson Law School, graduating in 1990. He acquired his law license in Florida in the same year.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.