On Wednesday, March 6, 2024, the Supreme Court of Ohio issued an order suspending John Joseph Coomes from practicing law in the state for 45 days. This comes after Coomes was suspended in Indiana for making false statements on his bar application.

The case is entitled “Disciplinary Counsel v. John Joseph Coomes,” with case no. 2024-0199.

According to our earlier report, Coomes applied for admission to the Indiana bar in 2018. However, he failed to disclose an ongoing civil marital dissolution case in Ohio where he was actively litigating issues. He also made inaccurate statements about his work history and hours practicing law. Specifically, Coomes did not reveal the Ohio dissolution case when asked if he had been a party in any civil actions. Additionally, at a hearing in the Ohio case, Coomes admitted to submitting falsified tax returns in connection with a mortgage refinance.

In November 2023, the Indiana Supreme Court approved a disciplinary agreement between Coomes and the Indiana Disciplinary Commission stipulating his conduct violated rules regarding knowingly making false statements to the Board of Law Examiners in a bar application. As a result, Coomes received a 45-day suspension from practicing law in Indiana.

Due to Indiana’s disciplinary action, on February 7, 2024, Ohio’s Disciplinary Counsel filed a motion seeking reciprocal discipline for Coomes in Ohio according to the state’s rules for out-of-state suspensions. On February 8, 2024, the Ohio Supreme Court issued an Order to Show Cause giving Coomes 20 days to provide a reason why an identical 45-day suspension should not be imposed. However, no objections were filed.

In its March 6, 2024 order, the Ohio Supreme Court officially suspended Coomes’ Ohio law license for 45 days to run concurrently with his Indiana suspension. The suspension prohibits Coomes from practicing law or representing clients in Ohio during this time. He must also complete continuing legal education requirements and notify all current clients of his suspension before the order takes effect. Once his suspensions conclude in both states, Coomes can seek reinstatement of his Ohio license.

According to avvo.com, Mr. Coomes is an employment & labor attorney in Milford, Ohio. He acquired his law license in Ohio in 2010.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.