On Monday, November 20, 2023, the Oklahoma Supreme Court issued an order immediately suspending Attorney Joseph Dewayne Kalka from law practice. This comes after Kalka pled guilty to felony domestic assault charges in Lincoln County District Court in October 2023.

The case is titled ‘State of Oklahoma ex rel. Oklahoma Bar Association v. Joseph Dewayne Kalka’ with SCBD No. 7576.

According to the filing, Attorney Kalka was charged with one felony count of domestic assault and battery by strangulation and one misdemeanor count of domestic abuse assault and battery. These charges stemmed from an incident involving his spouse.

Attorney Kalka entered a plea of guilty to both charges on October 24, 2023. On the same day, District Judge Robert Haney sentenced Kalka to a three-year term of imprisonment for the felony charge. He received a one-year suspended sentence for the misdemeanor charge and fines totaling $200.

Under Rule 7.2, a criminal conviction constitutes proof of attorney misconduct that can be used as the basis for discipline. On November 20th, the Supreme Court issued an order immediately suspending Kalka’s law license until further review, as allowed by Rule 7.3.

The order gives Attorney Kalka until December 5 to show cause why the suspension should be lifted. The OBA then has until December 19 to respond. Under Rule 7.4, Kalka also has until January 3, 2024, to provide a written explanation for his actions and request a final disciplinary ruling. He may request a hearing and submit evidence in mitigation.

The OBA will have until January 17th to file a response. At that point, the Supreme Court will make a final determination on whether to impose additional sanctions on Kalka’s law license, which could include disbarment.

According to LinkedIn, Attorney Joseph Dewayne Kalka is a lawyer and an engineer by profession. For his law degree, he attended the Oklahoma City University School of Law, graduating in 2017. He acquired his license in Oklahoma in the same year.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.