On Thursday, October 5, 2023, the Supreme Court of Louisiana issued an order suspending attorney Laura T. Marler from the practice of law on an interim basis. The suspension was based on a Supplemental and Amending Petition for Interim Suspension for Threat of Harm filed by the Office of Disciplinary Counsel.

The case is entitled “In the Matter of Laura T. Marler,” with case no. 2023-B-1303.

According to a news report on May 20, 2023, Marler and her husband were arrested and faced multiple criminal charges for their alleged involvement in a major drug trafficking organization. The St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office conducted a search of the attorney’s vehicle and found 50 THC cartridges, leading to her arrest and the discovery of additional drugs, weapons, and cash at her home. Her husband was also arrested and charged with additional narcotics charges, battery of a police officer, and transactions involving proceeds from drug offenses.

In its October 5 order, the Louisiana Supreme Court approved the Office of Disciplinary Counsel’s petition and suspended Marler on an interim basis. Under the terms of the suspension, Marler is not allowed to practice law in Louisiana until the court issues additional rulings on the matter. The Office of Disciplinary Counsel may also seek to appoint a trustee to protect Marler’s clients’ interests if needed,

According to avvo.com, Ms. Marler is an insurance attorney in Opelousas, Louisiana. She attended the Louisiana State University. She acquired her law license in Louisiana in 1994.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.