On Friday, September 8, 2023, the Arkansas Supreme Court Committee on Professional Conduct granted the reinstatement of Mosemarie Dora Boyd to the active practice of law in Arkansas.

The case is entitled “In the Matter of Mosemarie Dora Boyd,” with case no. CPC-2023-023..

Mosemarie Dora Boyd was suspended for six months by the Arkansas Supreme Court Committee on Professional Conduct Panel D on January 30, 2023. Boyd was found to have violated Rules 3.1 and 8.4(d) of the Arkansas Rules of Professional Conduct by bringing a frivolous case and engaging in conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice. The charges were based on Boyd’s filing a petition seeking appointment of emergency ex parte temporary and permanent guardianship of minor children who were not related to her, which was found to be unfounded and resulted in sanctions and attorney’s fees against her. The suspension was effective immediately and Boyd has been assessed costs of $1,164.50.

The report states:

“During the trial of the case, Judge Magness found that Boyd’s allegations were unfounded because Boyd failed to provide evidence of the alleged abuse. Thereafter, the court entered an order granting the motions of the parents of the minor children, sanctioned Boyd for her violation of the Arkansas Rules of Civil Procedure, and ordered her to pay $4,835.00 in attorney’s fees to counsel for the parents.”

In its order, the Supreme Court stated that Boyd completed her suspension and complied with the necessary procedures for reinstatement. Panel D of the Committee voted in favor of her reinstatement, which was effective immediately upon the filing of the Order with the Clerk of the Arkansas Supreme Court.

The Disposition states:

“IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED, that Petitioner’s Petition for Reinstatement be granted and said reinstatement shall become effective upon the filing of this Order with the Clerk of the Arkansas Supreme Court.”

Ms. Boyd is the founder of True Grit Law Firm. She attended the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, class of 2007. She acquired her law license in Arkansas in 2008. Ms. Boyd ran for the 2020 presidential election and also competed for the Sebastian County prosecuting attorney position in 2022. Her online bio can be found online at this link.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.