On Monday, January 8, 2024, the Supreme Court of Florida disbarred attorney Odiator Arugu for failing to comply with an earlier suspension order.

The case is entitled “The Florida Bar v. Odiator Arugu” with case number SC2023-1374.

In its Petition for Contempt and Order to Show Cause, The Florida Bar brought allegations that Arugu failed to comply with the Court’s November 2022 order suspending him from practice for 91 days. Specifically, the Bar claimed Arugu did not withdraw or transfer three client cases as required before his suspension took effect in December 2022.

In one example, Arugu allegedly remained the attorney of record for a client, Yogmatie Singh, in her Citibank collection case after his suspension. He did not notify her of an upcoming hearing, resulting in neither Singh nor a replacement attorney attending the February 2023 hearing. Singh reportedly learned of Arugu’s suspension only in January 2023 when they spoke by phone.

Similarly, in a client’s Bank of America collection case and another client’s personal injury case, Arugu was still the attorney of record after suspension. He allegedly failed to transfer the cases or notify clients of important case deadlines and hearings. The Bar also accused Arugu of giving legal advice to one client, Brenda Shepherd, via text messages in March 2023 regarding the dismissal of her case while his license was suspended.

The Court issued an Order to Show Cause, and after considering Arugu’s response, granted the Bar’s petition and held Arugu in contempt. As a sanction, the Court disbarred Arugu effective immediately. The Disposition Order also awards costs of $1,250 to the Bar to be paid by Arugu. With this ruling, Arugu loses his license to practice law in Florida for failing to comply with the terms of his initial suspension order.

According to Avvo, Mr. Arugu was an estate planning attorney in Orlando, Florida. He attended the University of Florida, Fredric G. Levin College of Law, graduating in 1994. He acquired his law license in Florida in 1995.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.