On Thursday, November 2, 2023, the Florida Supreme Court issued an order suspending attorney Rebecca L. Morgan from practicing law in the state. The suspension stems from Ms. Morgan’s repeated failure to respond to multiple bar complaints.

The case is entitled “The Florida Bar v. Rebecca L. Morgan,” with case no. SC2023-1101.

According to records from the Tenth Judicial Circuit Grievance Committee, Ms. Morgan was first notified of bar complaints by letter on April 18th, 2023. The letter advised her of three complaints and requested a response by May 3, 2023. However, she failed to respond to the Florida Bar by the deadline.

Additional letters were sent to Ms. Morgan on May 11, 2023, notifying her again of the complaints and requesting a response by May 22, 2023. For a second time, no response was provided. On June 8th, the Bar sent more letters along with attachments to the complaints via email and certified mail. A response was requested by June 21st, and records show Ms. Morgan signed the certified letter. Still, Morgan failed to reply to the Bar.

Due to the lack of response, the Grievance Committee held a hearing on July 11, 2023, to consider finding Ms. Morgan in non-compliance and contempt. Despite proper notification, Ms. Morgan did not attend or submit any explanation for her failure to respond. The Committee ruled that her non-compliance was willful and found her in contempt, requesting the Florida Bar file a petition with the state Supreme Court.

Acting on this request, the Bar filed a Petition for Contempt and Order to Show Cause against Ms. Morgan with the Supreme Court. After failing to reply to the Court’s show cause order, the justices ruled on November 2nd to grant the Bar’s petition and suspend Ms. Morgan immediately from practice. As a sanction, she will remain suspended until she fully complies with the rules regarding suspended attorneys. The Court also ordered Ms. Morgan to pay $1,250 in recuperation costs.

The Disposition states:

“IT IS ORDERED that The Florida Bar’s petition is granted and Respondent is held in contempt of this Court. As a sanction, the Respondent is suspended from the practice of law. Respondent is currently suspended; therefore this suspension is effective immediately. Respondent shall fully comply with Rule Regulating The Florida Bar 3-5.1(h).”

According to avvo.com, Ms. Morgan is an immigration attorney in Orlando, Florida. She graduated from Barry University Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law, graduating in 2007. She acquired her law license in Florida in 2008.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.