On Tuesday, November 28, 2023, the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board recommended the suspension of attorney Sonya Eloyace Hall over allegations of neglect on client matters.

The case is entitled “In the Matter of Sonya Eloyace Hall,” with case no. 23-DB-046.

The charges cited Louisiana Rules of Professional Conduct 1.3, 1.4, 1.16, and 3.2 which state:

Knowingly and/or negligently engaged in the conduct proscribed by this standard.

Failure to reasonably consult with the client and keep her informed.

Failure to follow the law regarding withdrawal from representation.

Failure to expedite the client’s litigation.

The Rules of Professional Conduct can be found here.

According to a report, Hall is accused of violating various rules of professional conduct in her representation of Renee Michelle Darensbourg. The Office of Disciplinary Counsel brought formal charges against Hall on July 7, 2023, over the allegations. The charges stem from Darensbourg hiring Hall in July 2020 to represent her in a civil lawsuit filed by Postal Credit Union. Hall was paid $3,500 according to a written fee agreement. She filed some initial pleadings on Darensbourg’s behalf, but her last action in the case was correspondence dated July 30, 2021, that was not filed with the court until October 6, 2021.

In January 2022, Darensbourg contacted Hall for a status update and discovered that Hall had been suspended from practice from February to January 2024. When reinstated, Hall failed to communicate with Darensbourg or take further action on her case. In February 2023, Hall advised via text that she would withdraw, but never filed anything with the court.

Hall is also currently serving suspensions from December 2021 and September 2023 for prior misconduct involving client trust account mismanagement and failure to cooperate with disciplinary investigations. She was on probation that was revoked related to the September 2023 suspension.

The recommendation states:

“Based upon the foregoing, the Committee recommends that the Respondent be suspended from the practice of law for six months. The Committee also agrees with ODC that the suspension should be consecutive to the suspension that Respondent is currently serving as a result of Hall I and Hall II, supra. The Committee also recommends that Respondent be ordered to provide an accounting to Ms. Daren and make restitution of any unearned fees.”

According to LinkedIn, Ms. Hall is a managing attorney of the law firm Hall Group, APLC. She attended the Southern University Law Center, graduating in 1996.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.