On December 15, 2023, the Supreme Court of Maryland granted the petition for reinstatement of Steven Gene Berry to the Bar of Maryland.

The case is entitled “In the Matte of Steven Gene Berry,” with case numbaer AG No. 18.

According to The Daily Record, Berry has been disbarred by the Court of Appeals for misappropriating funds from an estate and overdrawing his attorney trust account.

Berry served as the personal representative of Patricia Mae Bowles’ estate, inheriting the role after the original representative misappropriated over $300,000. Berry, without court permission, withdrew over $34,000 in commissions and attorney’s fees from the estate’s escrow account.

Over several years, Berry continued unauthorized withdrawals, misrepresented transaction details, and submitted false reports to the court. The Attorney Grievance Commission’s investigation revealed trust account overdrafts, failure to segregate client funds, and using one client’s funds to pay another.

The reinstatement order followed the court’s consideration of Berry’s petition and the response from the Bar Counsel. As a result, Berry is reinstated as a member of the Maryland Bar.

The court has directed the Clerk to update the register of attorneys, officially recognizing Steven Gene Berry’s reinstatement. This information will be communicated to the Trustees of the Client Protection Fund and the clerks of all judicial tribunals in the state.

The Order states:

“Upon consideration of the petition for reinstatement of Steven Gene Berry and Bar Counsel’s response to the petition for reinstatement, it is this 15th day of December 2023, by the Supreme Court of Maryland, ORDERED that the petition is granted.”

According to Avvo, Mr. Berry is a divorce and separation attorney in Bethesda, Maryland. He graduated from Willamette University College of Law in 1978 and obtained his law license in Maryland in 1988.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.