On Monday, August 24, 2023, the Supreme Court of Kentucky delivered a decisive blow to attorney Tony Brandon Miller’s career by suspending him due to multiple instances of professional misconduct.

The case is entitled “Tony Brandon Miller v. Kentucky Bar Association” with case no. 2023-SC-0219-KB.

The charges cited Kentucky Rules of Professional Conduct SCR 3.130(1.7)(a)(2), 3.130(3.3)(a)(1) , 3.130(4.2), 3.130(8.1)(b), 3.130(1.3), 3.130(1.4)(a)(4), 3.130(1.16)(d) , 3.130(8.1)(b) which states:

The Rules of Professional Conduct can be found here.

Miller’s violations included conflict of interest, making false statements to a tribunal, communicating with a represented person, dishonest or fraudulent statements, lack of diligence, lapses in communication with a client, failure to refund fees, and failure to respond to a lawful demand for information in disciplinary proceedings.

Miller’s case involved violations in two separate instances. In the first case, Miller represented a client in family court matters who was also facing criminal charges and involved with the Mental Health Court. The Mental Health Court team discovered Miller was improperly communicating with the client on OnlyFans. Miller made false statements to the Mental Health Court and Family Court about the client’s attendance when she was actually absent.

The filing states:

“The next day, October 21, 2021, Miller appeared before Family Court Judge Messer and advised her that the Client could not attend due to illness; this was also incorrect. The court date was rescheduled for October 25, 2021, and neither Miller nor the Client appeared on that date.”

In the second case, Miller was hired by a client for a family court matter but became unreachable for several months. The client later learned Miller had been suspended from practicing law by the Kentucky Supreme Court. Miller also failed to respond to the subsequent bar complaint.

The filing continues:

“Madison filed a bar complaint in August 2022. Miller was served with the bar complaint by the Boyd County Sheriff’s office on September 28, 2022.”

The court ordered Miller suspended for 181 days retroactively to a prior suspension order, reflecting the seriousness of the multiple rule violations. The court also ordered Miller to contact the Kentucky Lawyer’s Assistance Program for a mental health assessment and comply with any recommendations. Miller was ordered to pay costs related to the disciplinary proceedings. The court’s order aims to sanction Miller’s misconduct while also addressing the mental health struggles he acknowledged were contributing factors.

According to Linkedin, Mr. Miller is the owner of T. Brandon Miller, Attorney-at-Law. He attended the University of Kentucky J. David Rosenberg College of Law. He acquired his law license in Kentucky in 2014.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.