On Wednesday, February 7, 2024, the Supreme Court of California issued a public order suspending attorney Vasumathi Vijayraghavan from practicing law in the state.

The case is entitled “In the Matter of Vasumathi Vijayraghavan,” with case no. S283042.

According to court documents, Vijayraghavan engaged in multiple acts of misconduct while representing clients in civil cases over a two-year period beginning in 2018. She was alleged to have failed to act with reasonable diligence, disobeyed court orders, and filed a personal injury lawsuit past the statute of limitations.

The order stems from three separate cases brought by the State Bar against Vijayraghavan that were later consolidated. In one case, she represented a client in 2018, in a wrongful eviction matter but failed to file an amended complaint as promised to opposing counsel and did not attend required court hearings. In another case in 2019, she did not properly respond to discovery requests from the opposing party in a dental malpractice suit, resulting in the requests being deemed admitted against her client.

In the third case, Vijayraghavan filed a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of a client more than two years after the statute of limitations had expired. When the defendant argued for dismissal on that basis, she claimed a “delayed discovery” exception that the court rejected. She was later sanctioned over $10,000 for filing a frivolous complaint but did not pay the penalty.

Before the Supreme Court’s decision, Vijayraghavan had stipulated the facts and allegations in an agreement signed with the State Bar of California. It outlined multiple violations of State Bar rules relating to competence, diligence, and obeying court orders. Both aggravating and mitigating factors were acknowledged.

As part of her discipline, Vijayraghavan will be suspended from law practice for the first 30 days of a one-year probation with conditions, including passing the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam, complying with client notification rules, and paying $2,500 in sanctions to the State Bar Client Security Fund.

The Disposition states:

“The court orders that Vasumathi Vijayraghavan (Respondent), State Bar Number 310372, is suspended from the practice of law in California for one year, execution of that period of suspension is stayed, and Respondent is placed on probation for one year subject to the following conditions.”

According to avvo.com, Ms. Vijayraghavan is a general practice attorney in Laguna Beach, California. She attended the Concord Law School. She acquired her law license in California in 2016.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.