On Thursday, December 21, 2023, 9News reported that Eleventh Judicial District Attorney Linda Stanley responded in a 42-page court filing, admitting to launching an investigation into a district court judge because she disagreed with his rulings in a high-profile murder case. Stanley cited an online petition filled with conspiracy theories as her basis for investigating former Judge Ramsey Lama and his family.

In her response, Stanley said she secretly used her own investigators to look into the unfounded claims after multiple law enforcement agencies declined to investigate. She claimed she did this because Lama ruled against the prosecution in court.

Stanley’s actions have led to accusations that she could lose her law license. The investigation into Lama and his family was sparked by a Change.org petition encouraging Stanley to investigate the judge. The petition was filled with conspiracy theories and was signed by people who were unhappy with Lama’s rulings in the case.

Stanley’s decision to launch an investigation into Lama and his family has been met with criticism, with some accusing her of abusing her power and engaging in a witch hunt. The case has drawn attention to the role of online petitions in influencing legal proceedings and the potential for abuse of power by prosecutors.

In a separate case, Stanley faced criticism for making crude comments about a pending murder case involving a baby. She claimed she thought the interview was “off the record,” despite speaking to a camera while wearing a microphone.

The allegations against Stanley have raised questions about her fitness to serve as a prosecutor and her ability to uphold the law impartially. The case has also highlighted the need for greater transparency and accountability in the criminal justice system, particularly in cases where prosecutors have a significant amount of power and discretion.


Source: 9News