On Tuesday, January 16, 2024, The Hartford Courant reported that a federal court in Connecticut dismissed a lawsuit brought by disbarred attorney Nickola Cunha against the retired judge who disbarred her. Cunha sued former Superior Court Judge Thomas Moukawsher seeking financial damages for his decision to disbar her two years ago.

Moukawsher disbarred Cunha after she accused another judge presiding over a bitter child custody case of being involved in a Jewish conspiracy to steer lucrative consulting work. Cunha also accused the husband of her client of abuse but could not provide evidence to substantiate the allegations. Moukawsher demanded proof of the claims but Cunha admitted she had no list of documentation.

In her suit against Moukawsher, Cunha argued her constitutional rights of free speech and due process were violated. However, U.S. District Judge Victor Bolden dismissed the case stating that judges have immunity from such lawsuits and the federal court lacked jurisdiction. Bolden said Cunha’s appeal of her disbarment must proceed through the state appellate court process.

Cunha’s unproven claims of corruption align with a blog run by Paul Boyne, who was charged last year with stalking several judges through racist and anti-Semitic online posts. Boyne remains held without bail as his case continues.



Source: The Hartford Courant