On Friday, June 7, 2024, the Executive Committee of the Circuit Court of Cook County issued a special order involving allegations of misconduct against Judge Kathy M. Flanagan and Attorney Brad R. Schneiderman.

The order stated that Judge Flanagan had been publicly implicated in conduct that could threaten injury to the judicial branch of government or the orderly administration of justice. She appeared before the committee with counsel to present her side of the alleged events. As a result, the committee ruled to refer the matter involving Judge Flanagan to the Judicial Inquiry Board for further investigation.

The committee also addressed allegations concerning attorney Brad R. Schneiderman. According to the order, the committee received information indicating Schneiderman may have violated Illinois Supreme Court Rule of Professional Conduct 3.5(d). The rule prohibits lawyers from engaging in conduct intended to disrupt a tribunal.

Due to the potential violation, the order referred the case involving Schneiderman to the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission for their review. This commission investigates attorney misconduct and decides whether to impose discipline if warranted.

By referring both cases to the relevant oversight boards, the Circuit Court’s executive committee allows the disciplinary processes to fully examine the allegations made against Judge Flanagan and Attorney Schneiderman. The committee will maintain involvement by continuing their special order until further updates are provided. Schneiderman will likely need to respond to the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission regarding his alleged conduct.

According to Avvo, Mr. Schneiderman is a healthcare attorney in Chicago, Illinois. He acquired his law license in Illinois in 2007.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.