Marylin Jenkins, an administratively suspended member of the D.C. Bar, has agreed to a 30-day suspension for failing to disclose her disciplinary history on a job application, according to a report by the Ad Hoc Hearing Committee filed on Thursday, June 29, 2023.

The case is entitled “In the Matter of Marylin Jenkins,” with case no. 23-ND-002.

In a petition for negotiated discipline dated Jan 10, 2023, it was stated the D.C. Office of Disciplinary Counsel and Jenkins have submitted a Petition for Negotiated Discipline dated June 30, 2022. In February 2022, Jenkins applied for a job at the law firm Beveridge & Diamond in California. On her resume, she omitted her admission to the D.C. Bar and previous employment with Amtrak. On the firm’s required questionnaire, Jenkins falsely answered “No” when asked if she had ever been disciplined by a bar association.

In fact, in December 2016, the D.C. Board on Professional Responsibility reprimanded Jenkins for a Rule 8.4(c) violation involving dishonesty and misrepresentation related to her work at Amtrak. The law firm discovered Jenkins’ disciplinary history during a background check and referred the matter to Disciplinary Counsel.

When confronted with the complaint on May 6, 2022, Jenkins admitted to the misconduct on May 14, 2022. She and Disciplinary Counsel have agreed to a negotiated discipline of a 30-day suspension for Jenkins’ violations of D.C. and California Rules 8.4(c) prohibiting dishonesty and misrepresentation. The proposed discipline is set forth in the June 30, 2022, Petition for Negotiated Discipline.

Based on the alleged facts, the Hearing Committee reviewed the petition carefully. It discovered that the respondent admitted the facts and misconduct in the petition knowingly and willingly and agreed to the sanction as well. The respondent also accepted the negotiated discipline because she thought she could not defend herself against the misconduct in the petition.

The recommendation states:

“It is the conclusion of the Hearing Committee that the discipline negotiated in this matter is appropriate. For the reasons stated above, it is the recommendation of this Hearing Committee that the negotiated discipline be approved and that the Court suspend Respondent for thirty days.”

Ms. Jenkins practices in San Francisco, California. She is licensed in California. Her info can be found on

A copy of the original filing can be found here.