On Friday, June 28, 2024, DC Witness reported that Judge Lynn Leibovitz of the DC Superior Court held a hearing to address potential issues in an upcoming armed carjacking trial.

The hearing centered around James Borum, a 21-year-old man charged with armed carjacking, gun crimes, conspiracy, and receiving stolen property for his alleged involvement in three separate carjacking incidents in January 2021.

Borum’s public defender, Quiana Harris, was questioned about a potential conflict of interest arising from her employment at the Public Defender Service, which had previously represented Borum in the case. The judge warned this could prevent Borum from receiving a fair trial if Harris aimed to cover for mistakes by the previous attorney. Harris argued Borum would waive his right to claim ineffective assistance of counsel, alleviating the conflict.

At the hearing, the judge also heard arguments on defense motions to suppress statements made by Borum. Police body camera footage showed Borum telling officers where to find his personal phone without being read his Miranda rights. The judge ruled these statements would not be suppressed since Borum voluntarily offered the information. However, Borum’s statements about another suspect’s location were made while in custody without Miranda warnings and the judge agreed to suppress that part of his remarks.

Borum and two others allegedly stole two vehicles on January 11th and 12th, 2021, fleeing the scene of one crash on foot. Police apprehended Borum and he was hospitalized. Staff later found items belonging to the carjacking victims in Borum’s possession. The motions hearing featured testimony from two police officers and discussed what evidence would be permitted at Borum’s jury trial.



Source: DC Witness