The North Carolina State Bar released summaries of attorney disciplinary orders issued last quarter in its Winter 2023 Journal. The publication outlines various actions taken against licensed lawyers in the state.

Two attorneys surrendered their law licenses and were disbarred. Jack W. Daly of St. Thomas, Puerto Rico pled guilty to federal conspiracy charges related to mail fraud and making false statements. Kathie Willard of Raleigh fabricated emails in litigation where she was accused of improperly redirecting nonprofit assets while serving on the board. Both attorneys agreed to disbarment.

Suspensions and Stayed Suspensions
Lonnie W. Carraway of Snow Hill received a one-year suspension for two driving while impaired convictions between 2019 and 2020. His suspension is stayed for one year with conditions. Suzanne Nelson of Raleigh was suspended for five years for client neglect, excessive fees, failing to protect clients, and not responding to the state bar in a timely manner. She can apply to have the remaining suspension stayed after six months if she complies with conditions.

The North Carolina State Bar’s complaint against Matthew S. Schrum of Elkin was dismissed by the DHC.

The Grievance Committee censured David A. Perez of Thomasville for inappropriate confrontations with a judge during a child custody case. Perez interrupted hearings, argued with rulings, and inaccurately characterized upcoming judicial reviews.

Frederick Hadley of South Carolina was reprimanded for improperly attempting to solicit a client through Facebook. Philip William Paine of Apex was reprimanded for letting a case pass the statute of limitations and failing to communicate with two different clients.

Reinstatement Requests
Phillip Entzminger of Greenville had his two-year suspension stayed after complying with conditions. Gregory Bartko’s request for reinstatement following 2011 disbarment was denied, as was a second request by David Shawn Clark of Hickory initially disbarred in 2013. Douglas T. Simons gave notice of intent to seek reinstatement after 2005 disbarment for financial misconduct.