On Wednesday, February 21, 2024, Fox56 Wolf reported that disbarred Lackawanna County attorney James Conaboy is facing forgery and tampering with public records charges in Luzerne County.

According to court documents, Conaboy represented clients in medical malpractice lawsuits and allegedly lied about settlement funds. In one case, Conaboy told Terry and Mark Matheson they would receive $700,000 to settle a suit against Geisinger Hospital over complications from hip surgery Terry received. However, the Mathesons never received any money despite following up with Conaboy weekly for over a year.

In 2022, Conaboy provided false documents to the Mathesons. One document claimed Teresa would receive an extra $100,000 in interest for the delayed payout. Conaboy also gave the Mathesons two forged court documents supposedly signed by Judge Therence Nealon stating the money would be sent from state funds. In April 2022, Conaboy admitted to the Mathesons over the phone that “everything was a hoax and the court documents were fake.”

When questioned by police, Conaboy said the suit against Geisinger ended in July 2020 as the claim could not be medically supported. He denied defrauding the Mathesons. However, the investigation found the county court had no records of Judge Nealon issuing the orders and Geisinger was never served regarding the lawsuit.

In another alleged deception, Conaboy told client James Moran he settled a separate 2022 medical malpractice suit for $50,000 when it actually settled for nothing. Repeatedly making excuses on why funds weren’t paid, Moran later learned from Conaboy’s brother the case was dismissed without compensation.

Conaboy also represented Paul Grace in a suit against the Department of Labor, claiming Grace was owed $517,000. Despite years of excuses from Conaboy on delayed payment, Grace discovered in 2023 that the case was dismissed in 2018 without settlement. Conaboy once provided Grace with a forged document from a state official on the matter as well.

Pennsylvania’s Office of Attorney General assumed the investigation in September 2022 after multiple victims came forward about Conaboy’s misleading behavior regarding supposed lawsuit payouts. He was disbarred in 2023 and now faces forgery and records tampering charges in Luzerne County.



Source: Fox56 Wolf