On Tuesday, November 28, 2023, 9news reported that the 11th Judicial District Attorney, Linda Stanley, is under investigation by the Colorado Supreme Court after a complaint was filed by the Attorney Regulation Counsel. The complaint alleges that Stanley violated the defendant’s rights by making public comments about a murder case before it went to trial.

In an interview in August, Stanley spoke about the case of a man charged with the murder of a 10-month-old boy he was taking care of. She stated that the man had “zero investment” in the child and was only watching him so he could “get laid.” The comments raised questions about Stanley’s impartiality and potentially violated the defendant’s right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. The judge presiding over the case considered filing a complaint against Stanley with the state, but ultimately decided to recuse every judge in the district from the case instead.

This is not the first time Stanley has faced criticism for her behavior. In the past, a now-former judge filed a complaint against her after she launched a secret investigation into the judge and his family. The district court struggled to fill the schedule with judges for criminal cases after the judge recused himself.

Stanley is currently under investigation by the Colorado Supreme Court, and the situation has raised concerns about the impact of her behavior on the legal system in the district.


Source: 9News