On Friday, August 11, 2023, the Florida Bar filed a petition for contempt and an order to show cause against attorney Claudia M.E. Atkinson, also known as Claudia M.E. Parsons, in the Supreme Court of Florida. The Florida Bar initiated the proceedings due to Atkinson’s failure to respond to official bar inquiries.

The Twentieth Judicial Circuit Grievance Committee “C” convened on August 3, 2023, to examine allegations of non-compliance and failure to respond to official bar inquiries. The committee’s investigation, carried out under Rule 3-7.11(f) of the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar, uncovered a pattern of unresponsiveness. Despite receiving notifications on December 13, 2022, January 6, April 3, and June 19, 2023, Atkinson did not provide the requested responses, which led the committee to conclude that her non-compliance was willful and in contempt of the legal process.

The finding of non-compliance states:

“The Grievance Committee found that the respondent failed to show good cause for failing to respond to the official bar inquiries and that the noncompliance was willful. The Grievance Committee found the respondent to be in contempt and requested The Florida Bar to file a Petition for Contempt and Order to Show Cause with the Supreme Court.”

As a response to these revealed findings, the Florida Bar took decisive action on August 11, 2023, by submitting a petition for contempt against Atkinson and seeking an order to show cause.

The Petition for Contempt and Order to Show Cause states:

“WHEREFORE, The Florida Bar requests that this Court suspend respondent pursuant to Rule 3-7.11(f) until such time as respondent fully responds in writing to the official bar inquiry contained in “Exhibit 1″ and until further order of this Court.”

Ms. Atkinson practices in Forty Myers, Florida. She is licensed in Florida. Her info can be found on avvo.com.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.