On Monday, January 22, 2024, The Florida Bar filed a petition with the Supreme Court of Florida requesting approval of a conditional guilty plea entered by attorney Curtis Barryl Lee.

The case is entitled “The Florida Bar v. Curtis Barryl Lee,” with case number 2023-30,518 (10A).

The petition states that Lee is currently subject to bar disciplinary proceedings in The Florida Bar File No. 2023-30,518 (10A) regarding an incident in federal court. In March 2023, Judge Dalton of the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida issued an order to show cause, finding that Lee made representations to the court that were not supported by evidence in the record. The judge sanctioned Lee with a written admonishment.

Lee has now submitted a Conditional Guilty Plea for Consent Judgment. In the plea, Lee admits to the disciplinary measures imposed – a public reprimand by publication, attendance of ethics school within six months, and payment of costs. Lee acknowledges he failed to review the court transcript prior to including unsupported information in a motion, in violation of Florida bar rules regarding misconduct prejudicial to the administration of justice.

In mitigation, Lee notes he has no prior disciplinary record in over 30 years of practice. He cooperated fully with the bar’s investigation and expressed remorse. The bar is requesting the Supreme Court approve Lee’s guilty plea and impose the agreed-upon discipline. If approved, Lee would also be required to pay $1,596.95 in costs associated with the case.

The petition states:

“WHEREFORE, The Florida Bar respectfully requests that the Conditional Guilty Plea for Consent Judgment be accepted, the proposed discipline be imposed, and the bar be awarded costs.”

According to avvo.com, Mr. Lee is an attorney in Lakeland, Florida. He attended the University of Florida, Fredric G. Levin College of Law. He acquired his law license in Florida in 1991.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.