The Florida Supreme Court on Tuesday, November 14, 2023, disbarred West Palm Beach attorney Kevan Kenneth Boyles from practicing law in the state. This action makes permanent his current suspension and prohibits him from seeking reinstatement in the future.

The case is titled ‘The Florida Bar v. Kevan Kenneth Boyles’ with case no. SC2022-0160.

Court records reveal Attorney Boyles was found to have violated a Rule of Discipline prohibiting suspended attorneys from receiving, disbursing, or handling trust funds. The court also noted Boyles was on notice his activities involving the trust accounts were considered the unlicensed practice of law.

Boyles has been suspended since March 2016 due to misconduct related to improper handling of estates and wrongful death claims. While under suspension, Boyles continued managing funds in several fiduciary trust accounts from January 2019 through February 2020. He issued numerous checks from these accounts.

The Bar also found that from September to December 2019, Boyles issued 6 checks from the Bonita May Brozovsky Trust at SunTrust Bank, where he became an authorized signer in March 2018. Additionally, on December 17, 2019, Boyles wrote himself checks from six different client trusts held at Wells Fargo and UBS banks, totaling over $32,000 in purported trustee fees.

In July 2019, Boyles also submitted false statements in an amended petition for administration, claiming an attorney had requested he serve as personal representative for an estate when that attorney had made no such request. Boyles made this misrepresentation under penalty of perjury.

In April 2021, Boyles filed a second petition for reinstatement with the Florida Supreme Court. When questioned by the Bar, Boyles provided Gonzalez’s name as the attorney who supposedly asked him to serve as personal representative. However, during his January 2022 deposition, Boyles admitted Gonzalez never specifically requested he take that role.

The Florida Bar filed a petition for contempt against Boyles in February 2022, alleging violations of the terms of his 2016 suspension order. In September 2022, a referee appointed to handle the disciplinary proceedings granted the Bar’s motion for partial summary judgment, finding Boyles had committed the alleged trust account violations and misrepresentations.

Following a sanctions hearing in October 2022, the referee issued a report recommending Boyles be disbarred. The Florida Supreme Court approved this report, disbarring Boyles effective immediately. As part of the judgment, Boyles must pay $2,298.85 in costs to the Bar.

The disposition reads:

“Upon consideration of the report of referee and the briefs filed in this case, the report of the referee is approved, and Respondent is disbarred. Respondent is currently suspended; therefore, this disbarment is effective immediately.”

According to LinkedIn, Attorney Kevan Kenneth Boyles was a lawyer from West Palm Beach, Florida. He attended the Stetson University College of Law, graduating in 1979.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.