On Thursday, December 8, 2022, the Supreme Court of the State of Florida ordered the disbarment for five years of Tampa attorney Chris E. Ragano pursuant to the Uncontested Report of the Referee relating to Ragano’s conviction with multiple counts of child pornography.

The case, titled The Florida Bar v. Chris E. Ragano, was brought by the Florida Bar, under The Florida Bar File No. 2021-10,655 (13E) HFC.

The following are as alleged and summarized from the filing:

Ragano was charged and later on pled guilty to 33 counts of possession of child pornography and one count of out-of-state transmission of child pornography by electronic device. Ragano was sentenced to eight years of sex offender probation for each count of possession of child pornography and five years of state probation as to the count of out-of-state transmission of child pornography, all to run concurrently.

The Report of Referee states:

“Respondent knowingly engaged in criminal conduct to satisfy his own prurient interests. Per the risk assessment, . . . “he had become curious about searching the dark web after one of his law clients had mentioned that he had done this and after seeing the images the client had been charged with.” The risk assessment further indicated that “he had a lot of idle time on his hands when he was living alone and he made bad decisions.” By his own testimony, after searching for the images on the dark web, respondent intended to save those images to his own computer. This was after he intentionally purchased the computer with the sole intent to use it to search the dark web and downloaded thirty-three (33) images of child pornography and one-hundred sixteen (116) images of child erotica per the Criminal Report Affidavit.”

The Report of Referee continues:

“Respondent has repeatedly articulated that what he did was wrong and that he has accepted responsibility for his actions, Dr. Coughlin’s Report, completed in April 2022 after the current proceedings were initiated and after respondent had already engaged in three (3) months of sexual treatment therapy, indicated a concern that respondent “will use his superior intellectual capacity to compare himself out of the sexual offender population and continue to minimize his behavior justifying that he did not mean to view the child pornography and was exercising professional curiosity.”

The Report of Referee recommended that Ragano be disciplined by disbarment for five years, to pay The Florida Bar’s costs, and for Ragano to eliminate all indicia as an attorney.

With the foregoing facts and discussions, the court ruled against Ragano in relation to his conviction on multiple charges of child pornography cases.

The Disposition reads:

“The uncontested report of the referee is approved and respondent is disbarred. Respondent is currently suspended; therefore this disbarment is effective immediately.”

Ragano was also ordered to pay the amount of $2,720.00 as a recovery of costs incurred by The Florida Bar.

Ms. Chris E. Ragano had been licensed in Florida.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.