On Thursday, September 8, 2022, the Supreme Court of Florida ordered the revocation of Celebration attorney Robert Pereda’s membership in The Florida Bar, without leave to seek readmission amid pending disciplinary charges for misconduct.

The case, titled In Re: Petition for Disciplinary Revocation of Robert Pereda, was brought by Robert Pereda under case no. SC22-896.

The petitioner filed his petition amid 10 pending disciplinary charges against him: The Florida Bar File Nos. 2020-70,347(11K), 2022-70,320(11K), 2022-30,461(11K), 2022-30,475(11K), 2022-30,490(11K), 2022-30,517(11K), 2022-70,422(11K), 2022-70,537(11K), 2023-30,011(11K), and 2022-0554 (11K).

These disciplinary charges involve allegations of neglect and failure to communicate with his client after receiving fees, failure to render services, failure to use client trust funds for the purpose intended, and insufficiency of funds from petitioner’s trust account. Moreover, respondent engaged in the misconduct of having been held in contempt for failing to appear as directed by an Order to Show Cause.

The Petition states that:

“Petitioner knowingly and voluntarily submits this petition for disciplinary revocation without leave to apply for readmission, with full knowledge of its effect.”

The Petition continues:

“Petitioner contends that granting this petition will not adversely affect the public interest, the integrity of the courts, or the confidence of the public in the legal profession. Further, Petitioner contends that granting this petition will not hinder the administration of justice.”

Petitioner agreed to reimburse the Client Security Fund and the Florida Bar for the costs incurred in his disciplinary cases. In addition, Petitioner agreed to eliminate all indicia of her status as an attorney on email, social media, telephone listings, stationery, business cards, office signs, or any other indicia of petitioner’s status as an attorney.

With the foregoing facts, the Supreme Court granted his petition.

The Order reads:

“The uncontested petition for disciplinary revocation, as provided by Rule 3-7.12, Rules Regulating the Florida Bar, without leave to seek readmission, is granted subject to the continuing jurisdiction of this Court, effective immediately. . . Inasmuch, as petitioner’s disciplinary revocation petition was submitted without leave to seek readmission, her revocation is permanent. . .”

Costs were assessed against the Respondent in the amount of $3,144.22.

According to The Florida Bar, Mr. Pereda graduated from the University of Miami School of Law in 2009. Prior to this revocation, he practiced in Celebration, Florida. Pereda had been licensed in Florida.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.