On Monday, February 19, 2024, Fox 13 reported that a former Arkansas attorney was arrested twice in one day for driving while intoxicated.

Bryan Donaldson was first arrested and charged with DWI and refusing to submit to a blood alcohol content test around noon on a Saturday. He was released from jail less than two hours later. However, just before 10 pm that evening, Donaldson was arrested again by Crittenden County police. He was once more charged with DWI and refusing the BAC test. Donaldson spent the night in jail and was released on Sunday afternoon.

This wasn’t Donaldson’s first run-in with the law. In January 2021, he was among four individuals arrested and charged in a human trafficking case. Donaldson faced three counts of rape, though the case eventually shifted to federal court, where he faced human trafficking charges. Donaldson’s law license was also suspended in November 2021.

He currently awaits trial on the federal charges set for May 6, 2024. The double DWI arrest is a continuation of legal issues for the former defense attorney.



Source: Fox 13