On Tuesday, October 31, 2023, attorney Natalie P. Whitco, a former attorney, filed a petition with the Supreme Court of Florida to be reinstated to the Florida Bar. Whitco was suspended from practicing law in Florida for three years by a Supreme Court order issued in February 2019.

According to the petition, Whitco’s suspension stemmed from a January 2019 consent judgment where she acknowledged being found guilty by a jury of resisting arrest, a third-degree felony, and a related misdemeanor in a prior criminal case. The trial court withheld adjudication on the felony and the appellate court later reversed the misdemeanor conviction. The Florida Bar had initiated the grievance procedure that led to Whitco’s suspension.

In her petition, Whitco states that she has accepted full responsibility for her unprofessional conduct that resulted in the suspension. She asserts that she has been rehabilitated and will not engage in such conduct again.

Whitco worked as a full-time homemaker and doctoral student during her suspension. She discloses two pending criminal matters that were resolved in court but are still under review by the Florida Bar. Both involved initial charges that were eventually dismissed or reduced to misdemeanors for which Whitco received probation.

Whitco maintains she is current on continuing legal education requirements and bar dues. She provided documentation of outstanding financial obligations and service with charitable organizations to demonstrate rehabilitation. Whitco paid $1,250 in costs from the prior disciplinary case and deposited $500 for the reinstatement proceeding.

The petition states:

“WHEREFORE, the Petitioner, Natalie P. Whitco, respectfully requests this Court to reinstate her to the practice of law and grant such other relief that the Court deems reasonable and proper,”

A copy of the original filing can be found here.