On Tuesday, January 16, 2024, WilmarRadio.com reported that former Olivia city attorney Aaron Walton was facing theft charges related to allegations stemming from his time as a private attorney in addition to his role with the city.

According to the article, Walton was facing four felony and two misdemeanor counts of theft in Renville County District Court.

The charges against Walton reportedly accused him of failing to deposit more than $4,700 into retirement accounts for two employees at his law office between January 2021 and December 2022. While Walton claimed one of the alleged victims was his wife during a contentious divorce, maintaining the charges were meant to harass him, the article stated he had since paid both individuals back and owed them nothing.

Previously, Walton had served as Olivia’s city attorney since 1999. However, this past August he was terminated from that position following an investigation by the city into his law office conduct. The newspaper indicated this probe looked into issues regarding his performance, conflicts of interest, and ethics violations related to his role.



Source: WilmarRadio.com