On Wednesday, March 13, 2024, NBC Boston reported that the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court suspended former top federal prosecutor Rachael Rollins’ license to practice law in the state.

According to court documents, Rollins was suspended for nonpayment of registration fees. Rollins was named along with hundreds of other attorneys in a motion filed in January seeking to suspend those who had not paid their fees. The suspensions were granted by the Supreme Judicial Court on February 20th.

Rollins had previously served as U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts, becoming the first Black woman to hold that position when she was sworn in January 2022. However, just 16 months later in July 2023 she announced her resignation following a months-long investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice Inspector General. The investigation found that Rollins had willfully violated the Hatch Act on multiple occasions during her political campaign for district attorney in an effort to sabotage her successor’s campaign.

Since resigning as U.S. Attorney, Rollins has taken on a part-time role as a special projects administrator at Roxbury Community College. In this position, which pays $96,000 annually, Rollins is working on a new project to help formerly incarcerated individuals, particularly women of color, gain skills and support to successfully reintegrate into their communities upon release.



Source: NBC Boston