On Tuesday, February 27, 2024, NBC News reported that Terrence Bradley, the former divorce attorney for Nathan Wade, testified in a Fulton County court hearing about his knowledge of Wade’s relationship with Georgia district attorney Fani Willis.

The hearing was focused on the allegations that a romantic relationship between Wade and Willis presented a conflict of interest, as Willis had appointed Wade as a special prosecutor on a high-profile case. Wade’s attorneys have argued that the relationship began after the appointment, while critics allege it started earlier.

Bradley struggled to recall key details when questioned by attorneys at the hearing. When asked when Wade and Willis’ relationship began, Bradley stated that he did not have knowledge of the start date. He acknowledged at some point Wade told him he was dating Willis but said he could not provide the date of that discussion or any time frame beyond that it occurred while he was Wade’s attorney from 2018 to 2022.

Bradley was pressed on prior text messages he sent to attorney Ashleigh Merchant, who represents defendant Michael Roman in the case Willis is prosecuting. In the texts, Bradley claimed Wade and Willis were involved before Willis’ election and took multiple trips together. However, at the hearing Bradley walked back these statements, saying he was speculating and did not witness anything firsthand.

Regarding the alleged trips, Bradley stated that any knowledge of trips would have come from information provided by Wade during their time as attorney and client. However, he did not recall specifics about these supposed trips. Wade has testified that trips with Willis only occurred after they began dating following his appointment as special prosecutor.

Bradley struggled to explain other speculative statements he made in texts, such as telling Merchant “absolutely” when asked if Wade and Willis were involved before Willis became DA. He acknowledged he did not have a basis for these claims.

Attorneys pressed Bradley on why he speculated without certainty on these matters, given his awareness that Merchant represented a defendant in the high-profile case. Bradley admitted he had no good answer for his actions.

The hearing addressed ongoing conflict-of-interest allegations against Willis, with critics claiming she and Wade enriched themselves through her appointment of him. Beyond the timeline of Wade and Willis’ relationship, the testimony highlighted Bradley’s inconsistent statements about matters relevant to the case’s integrity.



Source: NBC News