On Thursday, August 31, 2023, the Supreme Court of California issued a final discipline order suspending attorney Matthew Walker Kaemerle from practicing law for one year. The suspension is stayed, and Kaemerle is placed on probation for one year, with conditions.

The case is entitled “In the Matter of Matthew Walker Kaemerle,” with case no. S280903.

Kaemerle’s legal troubles began in early 2022 when he was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and causing property damage in Santa Rosa County, Florida. The incident involved Kaemerle crashing his vehicle into a brick mailbox. Kaemerle’s behavior at the scene, including bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, and a strong odor of alcohol, prompted his arrest. Following the arrest, Kaemerle was taken to the jail where breathalyzer tests revealed alcohol levels of 0.249% and 0.242%. His admission of guilt further substantiated the charges against him.

The stipulation of facts states:

“The officer was unable to complete a field sobriety test as the respondent would not give a definitive answer when asked whether he consented to a field sobriety test. Respondent repeatedly responded with “I don’t know.” Based on the officer’s observations, the respondent was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and transported to jail.”

This incident was not Kaemerle’s first brush with the law. In March 2021, he entered a condominium unit under false pretenses, committing battery on two students. This led to a subsequent probation term with an order to abstain from alcohol or illegal substances. The DUI conviction, though not categorized under moral turpitude, was deemed as other misconduct warranting disciplinary action. Furthermore, Kaemerle’s prior disciplinary record, related to battery charges, demonstrated a recurring pattern of misconduct.

In consideration of the appropriate discipline, mitigating circumstances included Kaemerle’s acknowledgment of wrongdoing through a pretrial stipulation. Additionally, he faced extreme emotional distress following his wife’s untimely demise, leading to alcohol abuse issues. The stipulation noted that Kaemerle took proactive steps toward rehabilitation, including participation in an inpatient residential treatment program.

In light of this, the Supreme Court of California has issued a disciplinary order. Kaemerle has been suspended from the practice of law in California for a duration of one year. However, the execution of this suspension has been stayed, and he will be placed on probation for one year, subject to specific conditions.

During the initial 30 days of probation, Kaemerle will remain under suspension, which will be consecutive to a previous suspension outlined in the Supreme Court. In addition to this, he is obligated to adhere to the various conditions of probation outlined by the Hearing Department of the State Bar Court, as stipulated in its order approving stipulation filed on May 18, 2023. Upon successful completion of the probationary period, provided Kaemerle complies with all specified conditions, the stayed suspension will be deemed satisfied, leading to its termination.

According to avvo.com, Mr. Kaemerle is an attorney at Gulf Breeze, Florida. He attended the Thomas Jefferson School of Law. He acquired his law license in California in 2016.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.