On Tuesday, March 19, 2024, the Supreme Court of Illinois allowed attorney Kurt D. Hyzy’s motion to strike his name from the roll of attorneys licensed to practice law in the state.

The case is entitled “In the Matter of Kurt D. Hyzy” with case number M.R.032105.

Hyzy had submitted a motion to the Supreme Court on February 16, 2024, requesting to have his name stricken from the Roll of Attorneys pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 762(a). The Administrator of the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission had filed a three-count complaint against Hyzy charging him with conversion of client funds totaling $347,296.34.

The statement of charges outlined three counts of misconduct against Hyzy, detailing allegations of conversion of funds belonging to clients and third parties. The charges described various instances where Hyzy allegedly used settlement funds for personal or business purposes without authorization. Additionally, the statement of charges accused Hyzy of making false statements to clients regarding the status of their claims.

Hyzy’s affidavit affirmed his voluntary decision to file the motion and acknowledged his understanding of its nature and consequences.

The motion, accompanied by the statement of charges and affidavit, provided a formal request for the Supreme Court of Illinois to strike Kurt D. Hyzy’s name from the Roll of Attorneys, signaling the culmination of legal proceedings related to allegations of misconduct against him.

In its order, the Supreme Court allowed Hyzy’s motion.

The Disposition states:

“Motion by Kurt D. Hyzy to strike his name from the roll of attorneys licensed to practice law in Illinois pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 762(a). Allowed. Effective immediately.”

According to Avvo, Mr. Hyzy is a litigation attorney in Chicago, Illinois. He graduated from the John Marshall Law School, Chicago in 1987. He obtained his law license in Illinois in the same year.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.