On Friday, January 5, 2024, The Indiana Lawyer reported that Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita accused the state’s Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission of caving to political pressure in a new court filing.

Rokita was reprimanded by the Indiana Supreme Court in November for violating professional conduct rules with comments he made about an Indiana doctor who provided an abortion to a 10-year-old Ohio rape victim. The commission later filed to unseal the agreement from Rokita’s case, citing concerns about damage to the integrity of the attorney discipline system.

In his filing, Rokita argued the commission could no longer give him a fair process due to the “political melee” around his case. He claimed the commission’s deliberations need full public transparency to be uncoupled from “ongoing politics.” Rokita said his “style and content” as a vocal conservative were not valid reasons for discipline. He pushed back against unsealing the agreement, arguing the commission wanted to change rules after the fact.

The filing comes after Rokita was reprimanded by the Indiana Supreme Court in November in a 3-2 decision. He was found to have violated rules with comments made on Fox News calling the doctor an “activist” and announcing an investigation.

According to the report, Rokita is the second Indiana attorney general in a row to face discipline, continuing controversy around the enforcement of professional conduct rules for the state’s top legal officer. A decision from the Supreme Court is pending on whether to release more details from Rokita’s case.


Source: The Indiana Lawyer