On Thursday, February 29, 2024, the Indiana Supreme Court suspended attorney Lynda LeBlanc from practicing law for 60 days without automatic reinstatement.

The case is entitled “In the Matter of Lynda LeBlanc” with case number 23S-DI-260.

According to the court order, LeBlanc was found to have violated several rules of professional conduct after failing to communicate with two clients and not refunding money to one client after failing to complete work.

The order states LeBlanc agreed to review one qualified domestic relations order and prepare another for Client 1 for $900, which was paid upfront. However, LeBlanc became non-responsive to Client 1’s attempts to contact her. When Client 1 visited LeBlanc’s office, they found it vacant. Client 1 fired LeBlanc via email and requested a refund, but did not receive one.

For Client 2, LeBlanc prepared a qualified domestic relations order that was rejected by the pension plan. Client 2 also filed a grievance saying LeBlanc did not respond after the order was rejected.

The Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission investigated and LeBlanc failed to cooperate or respond to their demands for information, forcing them to initiate show cause proceedings which were eventually dismissed when LeBlanc provided a belated response.

The court found LeBlanc violated rules around diligence, prompt communication, reasonable fees, and cooperating with disciplinary investigations. As a result, she will be suspended from practicing law for a minimum of 60 days without automatic reinstatement starting in April. LeBlanc must also fulfill the duties of a suspended attorney and pay the costs of the proceeding before being eligible to petition for reinstatement.

The Indiana Supreme Court unanimously approved the suspension order, discharging the hearing officer appointed to the case.

According to Avvo, Ms. LeBlanc is a family attorney in Merrillville, Indiana. She graduated from Michigan State University College of Law in 2007. She obtained her law license in Indiana in the same year.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.