On Thursday, February 1, 2024, the Indiana Supreme Court suspended attorney James B. Dillon from the practice of law for failing to cooperate with a disciplinary investigation by the state’s Disciplinary Commission.

The case is entitled “In the Matter of James B. Dillon,” with case no. 23S-DI-333.

The order stemmed from the Commission filing two grievances against Dillon regarding complaints submitted by former clients. With the grievances still ongoing at that time, the Supreme Court issued an order requiring Dillon to show cause for why he shouldn’t be suspended for noncooperation.

However, Dillon did not respond to the show cause notice or the Disciplinary Commission’s subsequent request in December asserting his ongoing lack of participation. Because Dillon failed to respond to inquiries into allegations of misconduct, the high court issued an order officially suspending him from practicing law.

The suspension will remain in effect indefinitely until the Executive Director of the Disciplinary Commission confirms Dillon’s full assistance in the investigation. He will also need to fulfill requirements for suspended attorneys, such as notifying current clients. Additionally, the order mandated Dillon reimburse the Commission $525.60 for expenses incurred during the disciplinary process.

According to avvo.com, Mr. James B. Dillon is a general practice attorney in East Chicago, Indiana. He attended Valparaiso University School of Law and was licensed in Indiana in 2013.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.