On Tuesday, January 9, 2024, The Daily Wire reported that the Indiana Supreme Court will hear oral arguments this month in a case that could impact the future of the trial of Richard Allen, the man accused of killing two teenage girls in Delphi, Indiana in 2017. Allen faces two counts of murder in the deaths of 13-year-old Abigail Williams and 14-year-old Liberty German.

The Supreme Court will consider petitions to remove Carroll County Circuit Court Judge Fran Gull from the case and to reinstate Allen’s original attorneys Andrew Baldwin and Bradley Rozzi. Baldwin and Rozzi had alleged that at a closed-door meeting, Judge Gull threatened to publicly accuse them of “gross negligence” unless they withdrew from representing Allen. According to a transcript of the meeting, Judge Gull told the attorneys she had evidence of misconduct and incompetence in their representation. Baldwin and Rozzi then withdrew from the case.

If reinstated, Baldwin and Rozzi have said they would represent Allen pro bono. Attorney Cara Wieneke was appointed to replace them after their removal. The Supreme Court will review whether Judge Gull exhibited bias against the defense and whether the circumstances around Baldwin and Rozzi’s departure violated Allen’s right to counsel of his choice. Their decision could have major ramifications on the pending murder trial, which does not currently have a start date set as the preliminary issues are addressed. The arguments in front of the high court on January 18th may provide important clarity going forward.



Source: The Daily Wire